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It's yours to make

I went to a baby & bump coffee morning today.

The first one I've been to since having baby Ana 17 weeks ago.

She was her usual angelic self and charmed everyone with her relaxed and happy nature, just happy to sit in my lap and watch the world go by whilst I chatted to the other women.

A young lady there, the only one with her baby still inside her was apprehensively excited to be a first time mother.

I told her what a beautiful experience it was and to enjoy every second of it.

She said that I was the only person to have anything positive to say to her regarding child birth and first time motherhood.

Isn't that so sad!

She told me how every other mother had told her their horror story labours and how horrendously hard new born babies are, especially as it was her first so she didn't know what to expect.

I said just give your baby love, then more love, followed by more love. The experience will be what you make it.

And there is they key.

Any experience you take on willingly will be what you make it to be.

If you make it tense and stressful, that is what it will be 😬

If you make it beautiful and loving, that is what it will be 💞

It's up to you to choose how you go forward with it.

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