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                    I still maintain to this day that horses saved me and they probably will continue to do so until the end of my days. 

 I was born with an obsession for horses that the rest of my family didn't share. My parents didn't have the means to buy me a pony, but they managed to get me to a riding school once per week.

At 16 I left the family home and threw myself into forging a career with these noble creatures that set my heart on fire. From there on they became an integral part of my life. 

 My equestrian journey was exciting, taking me from the UK to Canada where I set up my own training barn in the heart of the Saskatchewan Prairie. There I trained mostly horses for ranch work so all western. From there I had the amazing opportunity to work in South Georgia, U.S training young Tennessee Walking horses for Plantation work, then onto North Georgia, U.S training young Hanoverians for Dressage, followed by a stint in Virginia renovating a barn and schooling private horses, with a summer thrown in for good measure managing a trekking centre in the West of Ireland.

It was whilst living in Saskatchewan that I came face to face with the sinister hitchhiker that is unresolved emotional trauma.

I realised it was something I had been carrying around with me for many years.

It finally all made sense - the daily heavy weight of self loathing, the shame inducing self harm, the excessive alcohol and hedonism and the solid wall I put up around myself. This was not just 'the way I was made', these were unresolved trauma symptoms presenting themselves through behaviour. 

Up until that point it had never crossed my mind that it could be any different.

Why would it, I thought it was normal to feel that way. 

If you don't know what something is, how can you recognise it?

If you don't know things can be different, then how can you change them?

Once the door of what could be was open, there was no going back.

I threw myself wholeheartedly into self growth and study and enjoyed my

new journey, fully embracing the fact that I would never look back. 

I now dedicate my experience and passion to help horses and the

humans that love them. 

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