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Stride Forward Together

If I asked you why you bought a horse, what would your answer be?

What did you hope horse ownership would bring to your life?

Is it everything you imagined?

Horses can bring out very strong emotions in us. They can uncover our deepest secrets and stir up a whole range of emotions, simply by being their noble, serene and non judgemental selves. 

Things we thought were long healed, can come flooding to the surface, when building a relationship with a horse.

They often become our safe space, our escape, our sanctuary, a place where we can truly be ourselves. 

So what happens when that safe space becomes anything other than the beautiful serenity, we hoped it would be?

All too soon, it's not so relaxing any more.

All too soon, it becomes a stressful ordeal.

All too soon, it's breaking your heart. 


             Something vital to remember; Horses are a mirror to our emotions.  

Contact me and tell me what's not going the way you planned. 

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