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Equine Behaviour Consulting

Owning a horse or pony can become of the most incredible and rewarding experiences imaginable.

It can also be a frustrating and confusing minefield and perhaps you have begun thinking things along the line of...

This isn't what I imagined...

It wasn't like this with my last horse...

Why aren't we bonding...

Why are my fellow liveries gossiping about me and my horse...

Is he being naughty or is he scared...

I'm too embarrassed to admit I am scared/don't know what to do...

Things don't always go to plan with horses and sometimes don't go as smoothly as imagined.

This doesn't mean things can't ever be as magical as you'd hoped, it simply means some work needs to be done to uncover the reason behind the undesirable behaviour and put a plan in place to make it better for everyone involved.

A confused horse;

can be a dangerous and unpredictable horse. 

can be inconsistent with his behaviour.

can feel stressed out increasing the chances of gastric ulcers, colic and the development of stable vices.

can become aggressive

can become frightened

can lose value

can be unreliable

can be a liability

Horse ownership is a wonderful privilege and one that should be enjoyed to the full, by owner and horse.

It shouldn't feel like a chore to go and tend to your horse.

You shouldn't feel afraid or apprehensive when going to ride your horse. 

You have invested too much money in this equestrian experience to allow things to be difficult and unenjoyable. 

You owe it to yourself & you owe it to your horse, to have the best experience possible. 

Online consulting is available.  

In person visits are available mid to South West. 

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