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Equine Buddy Subscription

Picture this; you have an issue with your horse and are unsure of what to do to resolve it. 

It's not serious enough to call the vet, the farrier or your instructor. Yet,  you feel in a muddle about how to move forward.

Every other person on your yard has given their opinion, and now your head is spinning and you still don't know what to do abut the situation. 

You've Googled the problem which confused and worried you even more, so now you are feeling anxious and frustrated about the whole thing. 

Sound familiar? 

If only you had someone on hand to mull things over with.

An experienced equine professional with over 20 years practical experience.

Someone who could lend a calming ear. 

A person also trained in mental health to help ease your anxiety.

Equestrian buddy subscription is a subscription to access my wide ranging experience, in the palm of your hand, whenever you need it the most. 

Tailor made to suit you, packages are ideal for;

Lots of little issues.

New horse and owner combination.

Young/inexperienced horse.

Young/inexperienced owner.

Rebuilding confidence in horse or owner. 

Navigating your first livery yard.

Dealing with toxicity.

Goal setting.

With many more combinations available.

You're very welcome to contact me and discuss your preferences.

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