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Managing Director

A Small World Consultancy



Managing Director

A Small World Consultancy

“Catherine is a true professional who is passionate about her cause. Dedicated to helping young people through the issues of everyday life and being able to draw on her own real life experience means Catherine can make a positive difference.


When speaking she captures the full attention of her audience and is able to articulate her message clearly and concisely making everything she says worth listening to"



Motivational Coach

“Catherine is a true inspiration, she has a mountain of empathy and a tremendous drive to achieve the best for everyone that she meets"



Former Staff

General Surgeon

“Catherine Wensley is an incredibly intelligent, insightful, and wise woman. She is highly motivational with a genuine spirit and a focused objective to help people reach maximum potential.

We can often block our own progress and even self-sabotage. Catherine has helped me to address limits that i've put on myself and to harness my true potential in all spheres. I can highly recommend Catherine!"



Yr 6 Teacher

“Catherine Wensley is making her name in motivational speaking and psychotherapy techniques. Her work covers all ages but it is the mental wellbeing of teenagers that is Catherine's main passion.


In these days of self-doubt and mental pressures, Catherine is able to help and inspire everybody to feel more positive and confident to cope with life and to improve their wellbeing. I haven't met such an inspirational and enthusiastic practitioner for a long time"

Penny Stocks

District Comissioner

"Catherine was invited to talk to our pony club branch members aged 11-18 about her equestrian career which has taken her all over the world. The evening without a doubt was one of the most inspiring and captivating presentations we have heard. Our members were enthralled as Catherine ran through her career highs and lows.

Our members were totally in awe of the resilience and determination Catherine has shown, and the evening left them feeling uplifted, motivated and stronger. I can highly recommend Catherine to anyone who is lucky enough to hear her speak."

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