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Self sabotage

 Have you ever been in a really great relationship, only to then begin to destroy it with no idea why you are doing it? 

Have you procrastinated to the point of missing out on opportunity?

 Or, decided to build your dream business, things are going well and then you quit at the first hurdle that could've easily been navigated?

This is self sabotage.

It's basically the brain protecting you from pain and happens when the person consciously or unconsciously doesn't feel good enough or worthy enough, to have that thing, be with that person, achieve that goal. It is also an unconscious leaning toward the familiar. If a person has never experienced success, a great relationship, a feeling of greatness etc.. it is unknown territory.  By sabotaging any possibility of achieving these things, that person remains in the familiar. 

Some common examples of self sabotage;

Picking fights with loved ones

Always being late

Lying to others, or yourself

Being unreliable

Breaking promises to others and yourself

Refusal to ask for help

Make excuses for own behaviour

There is always a reason behind the behaviour.

Self development will help you resolve the trauma and limiting beliefs that have left you feeling unworthy and sabotaging your own life. 

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