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There will never be a perfect time.

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

If you are waiting for the right time to start your new venture, go on the diet, get up early, join the gym, clean out your wardrobe, I have some news for you... It will never arrive.

There will never be the "right" time for anything. The reason behind waiting for the right time is procrastination.

Procrastination, is only a belief. It is not real.

It is a belief we put upon ourselves to avoid a much deeper issue 'the presenting problem is never the actual problem'.

For example...procrastination over clearing out your wardrobe. Those clothes that you haven't worn for years, or maybe can't even fit into anymore yet you are putting off removing-

ask your self why? Is it to do with aging, how your body has changed, memories good & bad, a feeling of security from having "stuff"?

How about joining the gym - what is holding you back?

Fear of exposure, shame, embarrassment, concerned people will judge you? (for the record, in the gym, no one cares what anyone else is doing, they are all sweating in their own corner!)

Putting things off until a specific time...1st January, next month, when I've lost 10 lb, when I'm married etc.. is only stalling getting to the heart of the issue of why you are putting it off in the first place. No matter how patiently you wait for the "perfect" time, the underlying problem will still be there.

It won't go away by being ignored, it will only go away by being addressed and removed.

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