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Emotional trauma

Unresolved and unrecognised emotional trauma is undoubtedly the number one reason we get "stuck", feel it's all just too hard, or even feel we are undeserving, whether that be consciously or unconsciously.

When we hear the word trauma, we generally associate it with some obviously traumatic event such as bereavement, assault or divorce. Yet, trauma is derived from the individual's specific perception of the event, rather than the actual event.

Everybody has their own level of resilience and coping skills, therefore an event that leaves one person feeling traumatised might not affect another person in the same way.

Trauma is the result of an amount of mental stress that is so overwhelming to that individual, it leaves them feeling helpless and exceeds their ability to cope.

This can derive from anything, there are no strict classifications for trauma. YOUR trauma is valid and no one has the right to judge whether a person should, or should not, have experienced trauma from a specific event.



A clearly traumatic (big T) event may also have trauma attached off the back of that visible ordeal, so often trauma can be derived from an event that may be overlooked or un noticed, these are branches of trauma.                                                   

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Your trauma doesn't define you

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